Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best Mixtapes of 2009

We did the best albums of 2009, but now it's time for the best mixtapes of 2009. There were a ton, but I think I narrowed it down to the top seven. And, just in case you don't have any music lined up for your New Year's Eve party tonight, we've got the download links for all the tapes as well. Min Soo also highlighted a bunch of these in his Top 10 list as well, cause he included mixtapes. That little rebel...

So much talent. Bobby Ray/B.o.B. is going to blow up in 2010. Get this and be ahead of the game. He brings so much more than just great lyrics into his songs, such as great instrumentation, samples, and singing.

Very simple: If you don't know who Drake is by now, download this immediately.

The return of the mixtape Weezy. None of that Rebirth, Young Money stuff that has plagued Weezy's career as of late. Just Wayne rapping over songs such as "D.O.A.," "Run This Town," and even "I Got A Feeling."

J Cole really came into prominence in 09. And thank God he did, as his talent is undeniable. Excellent lyrics and great flow comprise this tape with "Lights Please" and "Can I Live" being the standout tracks. Debut album coming in 2010.

While his debut album didn't really live up to my expectations, this mixtape exceeded expectations by a mile. Wiz's lyrics may not be the deepest in the world, but his humorous rhymes, and outstanding beats more than make-up for this slight downfall. And, he uses auto-tune a good amount, and I love the auto-tune.

The lyrics are very good. But the production is what puts this tape on a precipice so far above others. With samples from Sufjan Stevens, MGMT, Belle and Sebastian, and even Mary Poppins, this tape seamlessly blends indie music and hip-hop effortlessly. Probably my favorite mixtape of 09, but Lupe just murdered his tape way to hard not to be #1.

If you don't have this yet, GET IT. One word: decimation. Lupe takes the beat to your favorite rapper's hit song ("Fireman" by Wayne, "Angels" by Dirty Money, "Say Something" by Timbaland), and absolutely decimates any lyrics they attempted to spit over them, firmly establishing himself as the king of lyrical wordplay.

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