Sunday, June 20, 2010


Kids these days. When their eyes aren't transfixed to a television or computer screen, they're running around like orangoutangs hopped up on a potent mixture of Fruity Pebbles and Moutain Dew laced with Kool-Aid. Alright, that last part is a little much. The point is, mash-ups are perfect for this ADD generation. They take the "boring" songs which we've all heard a million times on Top-40 radio, and make them something completely new. That being said, we've got some real "bangers" for you on this Father's Day.

The Hood Internet- "Rude Baptism (Rihanna vs. Crystal Castles)" (This one starts off slow, but give it some time...)

And last but not least:

(This one is just out of control. TWP is quickly establishing themselves as one of, if not the, best mash-up groups out there right now. Watch out for their sophmore mixtape Rematch out July 2nd. Cannot wait for this one.)

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