Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hey Ya'll

My apologies for the lack of posting lately. The problem is, quite frankly, that there hasn't been much exciting music that has come out in the past week or so. Until today. The biggest, and by far best thing that has happened today, is the release of the new Vampire Weekend song, "Cousins," off their upcoming 2010 album Contra. Now you know how much I love Vampire Weekend, and I wish I could post the song for everyone to download, but XL Recordings, VW's label (that's Vampire Weekend, not Volkswagen), doesn't want any third party sites hosting the songs. And since I love Vampire Weekend so much, I will respect their wishes. However, you can hear the song a PMA, and possibly download it at P&P (nvm, it got taken down), though I would say get it on itunes if at all possible. (Actually, this now appears to be the only way to get it, but I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend getting it) Anyways, here is some new music that you may/may not like. 

Gary Go- "Just Dance (GaGa Cover)" This is pretty epnar. It's not a "normal" cover, if that makes any sense. 

Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem- "Forever (Travis Barker Remix)" I'm sure some of you already have this, but for those of you who don't get it real quick. Travis is incredible. 

Mike Posner- "Still Not Over You" Yeah, I've been on a Mike Posner kick as of late, and the more and more I listen, the more I like. This imho, is his best song. It's off his A Matter of Time mixtape, which I HIGHLY recommend checking out. I'm sure if you search around on the Interwebz you can find it no problem. 

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