Tuesday, November 24, 2009

10. Osso "Run Rabbit Run"

Let me start off by saying, that this album dosn't necessarily belong at number ten. During various points this semester, I became enamored with it's beautiful soundscapes, and thought to myself that nothing could be better. However, it's going at number ten. Osso is a very very unique concept. In 2001, Sufjan Stevens created an album entitled
Enjoy Your Rabbit. The album was based off the signs of the zodiac, and was comprised entirely of electronic noises and sounds. In 2009, he re-released the album as Run Rabbit Run, only this time using a string quartet in place of the electronic music. The result is amazing. The music is so lively and I try to picture the animals each song is based on. My highlights include "Year of the Dragon" and "Enjoy Your Rabbit." These songs present a more upbeat tempo, with lots of violin, which really exemplifies the musicians' skill, as well as the intricate layering of the songs. All in all, a very unique, and exciting album. I guess owning your own label has its advantages. 

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