Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Brake Lights" vs. "More About Nothing"

As many of you probably know, both Game and Wale dropped mixtapes this past week. After complete listens, I can say that both are excellent in their own rights. Brake Lights by Game could stand alone as an album. It possesses the production and guest spots (Rick Ross, T.I., Robin Thicke, Akon, and Nas) that would warrant a spot at your local Best Buy, and a fourteen dollar price tag. And it's would be worth the fourteen dollars. Game comes with his A-game, coming through with nineteen absolute bangers. The beats are hard and forceful, retaining the gritty image that Game has used to propel his career. However, the beats and atmosphere of the album, while being gritty have a polished feel. The chorus' are that of a highly produced album, with Akon, Shawty Lo, and T.I. lending their talents. In the end, Break Lights represents what Game is capable of when he puts time into his art, as he possesses the talent and connections capable of being one of the best.

While Game represents the "gang-banging" West Coast, Wale comes from the more "hipster" perceived East Coast. As a follow up to his amazing Mixtape About Nothing, Wale presents the follow-up More About Nothing, complete with Seinfeld Ad-libs. Because of this, MAN is less commercially friendly than Break Lights. For some songs, such as "Ambitious Girl" and "The Manipulation Pt. 2" Wale resorts to an almost spoken-word style, rapping in an almost conversational pace, with a minimalist beat. For others such as "The War" and "Black and Gold," Wale gets immense and supple beats, proving his true diversity and talent. And he gets his own share of guest-spots such as Wiz Khalifa, Daniel Merriweather, and Avery Storm. Part of the sheer brilliance of the tape, once again, is the melding of Seinfeld skits and the music, using various clips from the show as seg-ways and themes for the various songs. In the end, both tapes are incredible in their own ways, possessing facets which make each artist and tape unique and successful.

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