Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This Just In...That Kid C-G

Hey everyone, Andrew and I were recently informed of some news on an up and coming rapper that most of you probably have heard nothing about. This guys name is That Kid C-G. Let me tell you that we were both nothing less than amazed when we heard the tracks that we heard. That Kid C-G has a flow like Wiz Khalifa with the production of Chiddy Bang and beats that are just off the wall insane and different. The beats range in sound from Chromeo like to indie. We don't have much more information than what we have right now. You can follow him on Twitter.

Unlike sites such as 2DB, P&P, and PfoP, we don't get a ton of emails from artists asking us to listen to their music. But today we received one asking us to take a listen to a rapper named That Kid C-G. And I am very glad I gave him a chance. Mike pretty much covered what you need to know about him and his music. He hails from NYC and possesses an incredible range of styles. Really, really impressed with this kid. Sure to be plenty of good stuff from him in the future. Here are a couple of highlights:

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