Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Top 10 MC's In the Game

So recently MTV put up a list of the Top 10 MC's in the Game right now. I saw the list on another blog I use all the time called Pigeons and Planes. Check them out, really sick! But anyways, I totally disagree with the list. So I decided to do a Top 10 list myself. Here it is and let me know what you all think!

10.) Drake
He has blown up in the past year. He's got a really good flow not and just good beats to go along with his songs. His "popular" songs don't really show off his talent. Some of his songs are okay but most of them are really solid. Here's a sample from his mixtape Property of October. This one's called Ignant Shit.

9.) Jadakiss
One of the most underrated in my opinion. Such a good flow and the lyrics are solid. His mixtapes are much better than his CD's that he puts out in my opinion. Here's one called Flow from the Al Qaeda Jada mixtape.

8.) The Game
Wow one of the best in my mind. Since he has left G-Unit I feel that he's been a much better rapper and Doctor's Advocate is one of the best CD's in my mind. Maybe it's because it's one the first rap CD's I had but I love the whole CD. Now I'm just awaiting to hear some good stuff from Black Wall Street. Try listening to this one called Hustler's from the Mixtape You Know What it is Volume 4.

7.) Cormega
He's pretty unknown but the first time I heard his stuff it was unreal. He's an excellent
lyricist. I wish I knew more about him but I don't know that much. I'll post up the first
song I heard from him and it's called The Saga.

6.) Jay-Z
What can you say? It seems like he's been in the game forever and he's one of the best
that has ever lived when it comes to rapping. The Blueprint 3 was a hit and the hype
was right. It was one of the best CD's this year. Here's one of my personal favorites in
the song Lost Ones from his Kingdom Come album.

5.) Nas
One of the best lyricists of all time. What else can you say about this guy? He's only put out some of the
best albums that we have ever seen. From his Illmatic album to his newly Untitled, everything he has put
out there has been great! Here's a link to the song Second Childhood from Stillmatic.

4.) Wiz Khalifa
One of, if not my favorite one on this list. He put out arguably one of the best Mixtapes this year with Flight
School and he seems to be on the rise. Watch out for this guy, he's going to be big sometime soon. He's got
a good flow and he can do anything from using the autotuner to just rhyming to spittin game. Here's a song
from Flight School known as Teach U to Fly.

3.) Raekwon
I really never listened to this Raekwon until recently and boy am I glad that I started listening to him. His
newest CD, Only Built For Cuban Linx Part 2, is amazing. There really hasn't been a song on this album that
I haven't liked yet. I definitely feel as this album could easily be rap album of the year. Here's a spin off of
Jay-Z's Brooklyn We Go Hard, known as Staten We Go Hard.

2.) Weezy
The most well known MC in the game right now. It seems like he's worked with absolutely everyone and
he's doing everything to be at the top of his game. Now, I'm not a huge fan of his auto-tuner stuff but he's
been working on his auto-tuner game lately it seems. Also, The Carter III was one of the best rap albums
this past decade. His mixtapes are unreal. Let's face it, he's at the top and he's doing everything to try to stay
at the top. Here's a personal favorite known as We Be Steady Mobbin'.

1.) Eminem
He wasn't even on the MTV top 10 but he's number 1 on mine. He has put out so many hit CD's it's not even
funny. Relapse in some people's opinion's was a disappointment but he put out one of the funniest songs
of the year in The Warning. He has worked his ass off to get to the top and just look at his albums that he's
put out before. The Marshall Mather's was an unreal album at the time that it was put out. He deserves to be
number 1. Here's The Warning from him.

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