Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Taking the Stairs

Not only is taking the stairs a healthier alternative to taking the elevator, and a good way to burn calories, but it is also an awesome group. Comprised of Mike and my friends Chris and Matt, Taking the Stairs provides an acoustically driven, folksy kind of sound, much akin to the likes of Bon Iver meets Explosions in the Sky. Make no mistake, Taking the Stairs is a band all its own. It's easy to get lost in the soundscape woven with plucking guitar strings, and quite frankly I often have. The band also provide corrosponding photographs for each song, adding to the overall musical experiance, as well as providing an interesting context for the music, something that is unique to this project. In the end, I highly recommend listening to these guys. Their talent and creativity will amaze you. So take the stairs, you'll be glad you did. 
You can grab their Ep here: Taking the Stairs

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