Tuesday, December 21, 2010

6. Sufjan Stevens "The Age of Adz"

Based on, and inspired by the paintings of schizophrenic artist Royal Robertson, The Age of Adz finds Stevens blending elements of both baroque pop and electronic music, to create a truly unique album. Many Sufjan fans are familiar with his acoustic, emotional folk songs. This album is decidedly different, with Sufjan using more electronic elements, as well as the usual guitar and string accompaniments. Songs such as "Too Much" and "Bad Communication" are examples of the "new Sufjan," while other songs such as "Futile Devices" and "Vesuvius" contain the vocal harmonies and orchestration similar to the Sufjan we all know and love. The twenty-five minute finale "Impossible Soul" acts the perfect fusion of old and new, containing elements of both Chicago- Sufjan, and the new Mr. Roboto- Sufjan. All in all, Adz represents new territory for Stevens, a territory which he will no doubt thrive in.

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