Sunday, January 17, 2010

You Probably Haven't Heard This Yet - I

[In an attempt to draw attention to new/unknown/overlooked music, I'm starting a "You Probably Haven't Heard This Yet" post and here's the first!]

As modern technology has made DIY recordings extremely easy for almost anyone, a lot is lost in the sense that there is just so much music out there now, you can't get around to it all. I recently stumbled across an EP called 'Winter Rise' by ezequiel/ezequiel, which was both written and produced by the solo artist. The EP exhibits an interesting blend of instrumentation that I thought of as experimental folk. The opening song to me actually reminded me of Pink Floyd's "Us And Them." The whole thing is a free download so hey, why not check it out. Here's my favorite from it:

<a href="">Raise the dead by ezequiel ezequiel</a>

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